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We transform ideas into graphics, animations, 3D environments, and real-life experiences.

A Design, Animation, 3D & Fabrication Studio in Miami, Florida

Featured work

Trade Show Booth Design for RG Cosmetics for Beauty World Middle East Dubai by 2xr Design
Set Design for Jack Daniels and McLaren for F1
Booth Design for Garnier Fructis

Booth Design


Set Design for Reventon de Verano
Brand Identity Design for Inverter

Set Design

Reventon de Verano

Logo Design


Kiosk Design

Velvet Desert

DJ Booth Design for Citizen M

DJ Booth, Floating Letters, Arches +

Citizen M

Digital Art

Digital Being

Browse through some more of our work below

Trade Show Booth Design

RG Cosmetics

Environment, Photo Op Design

McLaren x Jack Daniels

Meet the team

Ricky Loures

Designer, Animator

(617) 817-3479

Henrique Saldanha

Designer, Producer

(561) 210-3220

As a design, animation, and production studio we are driven by our passion to undertake innovative projects and our unwavering dedication to producing top-tier work that empowers our clients and make them stand out in their respective fields. Founded in 2013 by partners in life and business Ricky Rocha Loures and Rico Saldanha, 2xr delivers both digital and physical products that are functional, and captivating. 
Whether it’s by helping brands conceptualize their identity from the very beginning, by building fantastical 3D animated worlds, or by designing brand experiences such as booths, exhibitions, and events, we do it all with the confidence that we will go above and beyond for our clients and that they will connect more deeply with their audience.Our purpose is to bring dreams to life, but we believe that design is equal parts science and art, so we tackle our briefings from both perspectives. Our vast experience in graphic design as well as with architectural design and fabrication means that we imagine the final product at the same time as to how to get there, which jump-starts the entire process. 

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