Reventón de Verano

Set, Props and Event Design

We designed this TV set for Reventon de Verano, a live event that was hosted by Lele Pons and AJ Ramos on May 2, 2021. "Reventon de Verano is the summer's most explosive virtual festival." We were given brand assets/illustrations to work with in order to design and build 3 backdrops and 6 totems. We also created the layout of the event and all of the 3D renderings.

Client: Aerial Experts (AE) Productions

2xr Design-Reventon-de-Verano-Set-Design.jpg
2xr Design-Reventon-de-Verano-Set-Design-Night.jpg
2xr Design-Reventon-de-Verano-Set-Design
2xr Design-Reventon-de-Verano-Set-Design
Set Design R2 04.jpg