Physical Design and Production

Our expertise in design and 3D modeling allows us to create beautiful, modern, and smart designs with detailed technical drawings for build-outs. We push the brand limits with every project to ensure innovation, sleekness, and sustainability.

Services include:

Booth Design, Exhibition Design, Kiosks, Carts, Event Props, Interior design, Architectural Structures, Prototyping, Large and Small Product Displays, Stages, Custom Finishing, Digital and Physical Fabrication and more

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Rico Saldanha

Co-Founder, Designer & Producer

Reach me at (561) 210-3220

Ricky Rocha Loures

Co-Founder, Designer & Animator

Reach me at (617) 817-3479

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2xr Design

We are a full-service design, animation, and production studio located in Miami, Florida. We create unique human experiences through design.

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