Original B.A.R.F

Brand Identity, Slogan, Animation, Packaging, & Website Design

Original B.A.R.F came to us with a name and a dream: to be the first Biologically Appropriate Raw Food brand in Brazil. And this is what we helped them achieve. They wanted to look friendly and approachable, but also very professional, since the market of raw pet food is still at its early stages in the country, and people are suspicious. So we worked hard to incorporate a lot of informative texts into our design, while still keeping it fun and friendly.


While we used only original drawings on the packaging and logo, we added photos of real dogs to certain parts of the website design and on social media, strengthening brand identity on one side, but giving the public what they like (cute dogs!) on the other.


To get the conversation going with potential clients our in-house copywriter came up with a killer tagline, which accentuates the natural aspect of the product, as well as a tone of voice that remains friendly and approachable even when delivering scientific information.